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The Nanofabrication Facility is a 2,500 sqm R&D lab to be utilized by both Universities and innovative companies.

NanoFab is one of the first European laboratories applying nanotechnology to industrial production. Created to promote interaction between the nanotechnology and business communities, it places at the disposal of businesses laboratories in the forefront in order to support technology and scientific expertise transfer. NanoFab proposes itself as a reference point for scientific consultancy through its own facilities as well as through its links with national and international academic institutions.

Nanofab offers a wide variety of high tech products and services aimed at satisfying the specific demands of its clients. In fact, companies can place orders for R&D projects availing from the company’s team of researchers or can merely use the laboratories with their own technical staff. Veneto Nanotech, sticking to its promise to facilitate coordination of activities in the nanotechnology sector, collaborates in order to promote NanoFab’s activities.

The Nanofabrication Facility is managed by Nanofab scarl, a non-profit organization created by the Park of Science and Technology VEGA and by the CIVEN Association. The Region of Veneto has invested 14mn euros in order to create the laboratories that cover an area of 2500sq m and employ 12 fulltime researchers.

Nanofab’s main areas of interest include:
  • Thin films
  • Nanopowders
  • Micro-array and products designed for drugs and vaccines delivery

The equipment found in the laboratories includes:
  • PECVD (Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition)
  • PVD (physical vapour deposition)
  • Scanning probe microscope
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Enviroscope spotted array scanner
  • Micro-array spotter

Co-funded Project by:

Unione Europea

Repubblica Italiana

Regione Veneto

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