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12 November 2012

Good start for WISE!

International recognitions come for Nanochallenge 2011 winner

Wise technology and business model are receiving exciting feedbacks at an international level. The start-up that won Nanochallenge 2011 has received the prize "Best Pitch Award" during the "European Venture Contest for Healthcare" that was held in Aarhus, Denmark on last October 24th.
The European Venture Contest organized by Europe Unlimited finds, evaluates and awards world-class innovative companies with the potential to dramatically impact their industry, accelerates the growth of young innovative companies by providing access to top-level international partners, advisors and financiers and supports the global leaders of tomorrow at an early-stage by updating the skill set they will need to grow and expand their businesses successfully.
W.I.S.E. S.r.l. (Wiringless Implantable Stretchable Electronics) is a start-up company created in 2011 by four scientific partners active at the University of Milan. W.I.S.E. fabricates and sells electronic and MEMS devices on stretchable supports for applications in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine and sensors. Their proprietary technology, Supersonic Cluster Beam Implantation (SCBI) for the metallization of polymers and elastomers, allows to fabricate complex microelectronic circuits and interconnects on stretchable and conformable supports. The devices thus obtained preserve their electrical performances after extensive cycles of stretching and bending of the substrates. The devices can be efficiently fabricated on biocompatible platforms, and are therefore suitable for the production of implantable biomedical devices.
Now W.I.S.E. is participating in the European Venture Contest Awards ceremony that will take place during the European Venture Summit in Berlin on 6 and 7 December and in the Italian Venture Forum to be held in Turin on 13 November 2012. During the closing event in Berlin the Contest Jury, composed of 30 international investors with extensive experience in their respective fields will decide on the best 10 presenting companies.
Furthermore on 10 and 11 December W.I.S.E. will be presenting in London in a pitch at an investor meeting for the medical sector organized by Intesa Sanpaolo Start- up Initiative.
Luca Ravagnan, CEO and co-founder di W.I.S.E. SRL, does not hide his enthusiasm before this good news: “ We are particularly satisfied with the Best Pitch Award we were appointed with at the Semi-Finals of the European Venture Contest, as the level of other contestants was very high, and they were representing societies which are present in the market since much more years than us. We wish our participation in these events would ease our pathway towards the finding of a financial partner for a second round of investments that would help to set up massive production and international distribution channels”
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