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7 March 2013

Wiintech Project, official European visit to India

Collaborations in the field of renewable energy and new materials

(7 March 2013) – The official visit of the European project Wiintech (Worldwide Initiative for Intercluster New materials and processes focused on clean technologies) to India is taking place in these days in Mumbai. The Wiintech project aims at developing new strategies of international cooperation between the clusters of 7 European countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Portugal and Spain) and those of four non-European countries such as Japan, the United States, Brazil and India.
The main activities carried out by Wiintech concern research and development pro-jects, partnership, industrial collaboration, training, mobility, development assistance in the field of new materials and renewable energy.
The visit in Mumbai is taking place on the occasion of the India Chemical Industry Out-look Conference organized by the Indian Chemical Council, attended by all the Wiintech representatives. Veneto Nanotech is following this project with particular attention an interest also taking into account activities and potentiality in the field of renewable energy and new materials.

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