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Research & Development

Research Projects

Among the Veneto Nanotech cluster, and with the funds received by the Veneto Region, CIVEN is developing a series of long term research projects:

1. Nanostructures for chemical and biochemical sensors: the project aims at preparing sensors that use nanostructures and ultra thin films aimed at significantly enhancing sensibility, selectivity and revealability. There will be developed both single and array nanosensors for simultaneous multianalyte analysis both in biochemical and in chemical- environmental sectors. Potential users of these products can be companies that use sensor devices: a) to control the environmental quality, among which companies that produce heating systems for residential use, b) for clinical diagnoses, in particular clinic-medical structures.

2. Removal of layers with high tribological properties and resistance against corrosion: the research program seeks to individuate the composition and the methodology of the removal of structured layers with enhanced tribological properties that are wear resistant. The potential market of such products is very wide and ranges from the textile industry (sockets, filament guide, cammes), to the paper industry (blades, cutting cylinders), the food industry (grinders), the biomedical industry (biocompatible coating for surgical instruments), the aeronautical and spatial industry (pads, gears, protective layers), and even the plastic material industry (extrusion screws, jet injection, moulds to transform plastic material).

3. Nanostructured material for protective or decorative coating: the research program aspires to develop technologies for the protection and functionalisation of metallic or polymeric surfaces, of biocompatible materials and for decoration. The receivers of this type of products are companies that produce hygienic/sanitary equipment, electric appliances or environmental engineering related products, companies producing glasses, jewellery and design centres.

4. Removal of thin films with nanometric dimensions and thick coating made of nanocomposites of organic, inorganic or hybrid type: the project aims at developing methods and techniques for the realisation and characterisation of nanostructured thin and thick films. There are various possible users for such products. To name a few, companies operating in the plastic material, electric appliances or packaging sector, opticians’ shops, special varnish producers, and companies producing hygienic/sanitary equipment.

5. Construction of micro arrays aimed at studying genomics and proteomics: the project aspires to achieve the following three objectives: 1) construction of a new generation micro array able to use unmarked genetic or proteic material, whose underlays are reusable in more measure cycles, 2) elaboration of statistic software that implements methodologies for the identification and decoding of the signal produced by the micro array usable both with present technology (fluorescent) and with the technology to be implemented (electromagnetic field). This type of software should also implement new methodologies for the analysis of the experimental results. This last one encompasses the study of the sensibility and of the quality of the relation between signal and sound for the technologies that will be considered, 3) creation of an experimental laboratory that will test and develop microelectronic DNA sensors of new design.

6. Nanomaterials in industrial systems: the project is substantiated in the development of Nanostructured Light Alloys for Opticians and Sports articles using material with an optimum combination of lightness and resistance to substitution by material easily found in the market. The study aims at increasing competitiveness of products employing moulding techniques that reduce waste and are therefore environmental friendly and raise the technological barriers for the entry of Asian competitors.

7. Nanomaterials in industrial systems: the project is designed to develop of polymeric systems modified through the use of nanoparticles of diverse composition. In particular it will be sought to deepen the development of nanocomposite varnish of high performance that cannot be obtained with conventional systems of varnishing and, chemical products for construction with functional characteristics friendlier to the environment.

These projects are carried out in collaboration with local firms, already strongly involved in the process of deciding the research topics, in order to help researchers and entrepreneurs identify technological ideas with high development potential. CIVEN and Veneto Nanotech are open to national or international forms of collaboration both in the research and in the development stages.

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