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Research & Development

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

The Ca’ Foscari University of Venice was founded on 6th August 1868 with the setting up of the Superior School of Commerce, the first school in Italy devoted to the superior study of Economics and Commerce. Since then the historical premises have remained in the big gothic palace, which used to be Doge Foscari’s residence. The school’s fame, along with the variety of courses available, grew significantly during the 19th century and nowadays it has managed to become a modern University subdivided in four study areas: economics, linguistics, sciences and humanities. The faculty of sciences is further divided in chemistry (particular attention paid to new materials and green chemistry), environmental studies and information technology.
The research facilities include nineteen departments, six centres (interdepartmental, interfaculty and interuniversity), a library system, which consists of twenty-six libraries and has an extensive collection of books and journals for lending or for reference (830,000 books, 4,000 printed journals and 2,700 electronic journals).
Additionally, the University carries out research, consultancy and training activities for third parties, it maintains relationships with various associations and cultural institutions through conventions and collaboration agreements in the sectors of scientific information, teaching and research. Every year the Co’ Foscari University organises more than 400 cultural /scientific events.
Ca’ Foscari participates in various associations, unions and centres along with other public and private institutions and other universities, in order to create organisations such as the Venice International University (VIU), the Venetian Research Union, the scientific and technologic park VEGA, the CORILA, the CISET, and numerous others. Furthermore, it has strong links with international organisations and institutions that exist not only in the form of student or staff exchanges between institutions, but also under the ambit of collaboration between single departments in research and scientific areas.

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