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Certottica is the Italian Institute for the certification of optical products.
It is duly incorporated as a consortium company with a share capital of three billion lire and was founded to guarantee the industries of the optical sector a support that is capable of examining products and production processes in accordance with European Directives and international standards by issuing appropriate test reports to certify their compliance.

There are 400 company members of Certottica. These represent 16,000 employees in occupational terms and a turnover of over 5,000 billion lire.

The Certottica laboratories check the essential requirements and the design and technical assumptions of the products and issues Certification documents and Test Reports as per international standards.

INNOVATION: Certottica is registered with the Board of highly qualified Research laboratories with acknowledgements from the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research.
TRAINING: The constant renewal of production processes and the research of new materials for an answer centered on the growing needs of the division and the research associated with the product quality require a careful permanent preparation of the employees. Certottica runs training courses of lessons complete with practical exercises also within the companies.
RESEARCH: Certottica identifies the priority lines of research in order to deal with market requirements, on the one hand and the impelling requirement for product and technology innovation on the other.
STANDARDIZATION: Certottica works out projects complying with both European and international standards.

In the field of nanotechnology, Cetrottica is carrying out the following research projects:

- Development of innovative laser-enhanced painting (LEP) techniques
- Study of PVD, PECVD, PEPVD applications for the production of glasses

Co-funded Project by:

Unione Europea

Repubblica Italiana

Regione Veneto

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