Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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Research & Development

CNISM - Consorzio Nazionale Italiano di Struttura della Materia

CNISM was created following the reorganization of the Research Board, which led to the integration of INFM’s facilities with those of CNR (i.e. National and Regional Laboratories, R&D centers, etc) and to the constitution of the Consortium in order to reorder the University activities that are present inside INFM. Padua CNISM coordinates research in the field of Nanotechnology in the Physics and Chemical Science Departments. The activity is distributed in various research lines that cover the following subject areas: optics, non-linear optics, biophysics, liquids and amorphous, leagues and intermetallic compounds, semiconductors insulators for micro and optoelectronics, thin epitaxial films, theory and computational Physics on condensed matter. The applications of major importance regard the realization of coatings for self-cleaning glasses and for high flow canals for microfluidic chips, the development of ultra scale microelectronic devices, the creation of non-linear, high velocity commutation optic devices and laser for telecommunications, the creation of biosensors and gas sensors.

Co-funded Project by:

Unione Europea

Repubblica Italiana

Regione Veneto

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