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CNR - Padua Research Area

The Decentralized Unit of Accounting Service is located in the Padua Research Area and represents a peripheral unit of the CNR Central Department of Balance and Accounting. This decentralized structure attends to execution of the fulfilments of the peripheral "Ordinatori Primari di Spesa" and to control of the expenses of the "Funzionari Delegati". These services can also be supplied to Italian or foreign University Research structures, of public or private nature, that wish to localise in the area of Padua.

Buildings of the Padua Research Area cover an area of approximately 20,000 sq. m.; the various laboratories and administrative offices are situated in a park of over 170,000 sq. m., located to the south-east of the town of Padua, about six kilometres from the centre. It is whithin easy reach of the Marco Polo international airport of Venice, about 40 min. away and is about 5 min. from the Venice-Bologna motor way; a bus service from the town centre is also available.

The Area was first opened up in 1975; the arrangement of buildings is architecturally pleasing, however, the district is very attractive also due to the vast green areas.Like other Research Areas, this was designed in order to concentrate the various CNR scientific initiatives in a logistic environment, so that common services and equipment could be used more rationally and, at same time, scientific activity could be better co-ordinated by planning important scientific and technological services.

The aim of the Area is to promote scientific research programs which are integrated in regional and national seats, and to supply highly qualified technical-scientific services

The CNR Structures present in the area are:
ITEF - Institute for cooling technologies
LADSEB - Institute for Systemistics and Bioengineering
IRPI - Institute for hydro-geological protection in Northern Italy
IPELP - Institue of Polarography and Electrochemical Science
ICTIMA - Institute of Chemistry and Inorganic Technologies of Advanced Materials
IGI - Institute of Ionized Gasses
IFD - Institute of Phonetics and Dialectology

Co-funded Project by:

Unione Europea

Repubblica Italiana

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