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Research & Development

INFM - Research Unit of Padua

The INFM (National Institute for Material Physics) carries out fundamental and applied research n the physical properties of atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems.

INFM operates through a wide Network of Research Units, Laboratories and R&D Centres, and involves over 3500 scientists.

INFM research activities are organized in seven Thematic Sections, each of one concerning one homogenous scientific area in the large spectrum of scientific topics covered by the Physics of Matter. The Sections are structures which plan coordinate and evaluate the activities of research teams operating at the Laboratories in the Research Units and Coordinated Groups.

At present the seven Sections are the following:
A - Atomic and Molecular Physics, Plasma Physics, Non Linear Optics, Quantum Electronics
B - Biophysics
C - Liquids, Disordered Systems and Soft Matter
D - Magnetism, Metals, Superconductivity
E - Semiconductors and Insulators
F - Surfaces and Interfaces
G - Theoretical and Computational Physics, Cybernetics

The current research projects by Padua UDR include:

Nanorub: Study of the nanofriction of simple molecules sliding on a metal surface through the superconducting transition and that ferromagnetic.

ANTIFOG: study of the wetting properties of aqueous vapour on glass surfaces

SINERGIA: Si nanocrystals and erbium co-doped glasses for optical amplifiers

SIGENET: SiGeC Nanostructures: a new path to Silicon based optoelettronics.

Nanomat: E.U. Programme For Research and Tecnological Development in the Field of Industrial and Material Technologies

FELPE: FerroElectrics Liquid Phase Epitaxy

Co-funded Project by:

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Repubblica Italiana

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