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IUAV University of Venice

The University IUAV of Venice was founded as the Venice University Institute of Architecture and dates back to the foundation of the special course in architecture in 1923 at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice. In 1926 the Institute was established as “the Venice Higher Learning Institute of Architecture”, the second architecture school in Italy after that of Rome.
In 2001 the IUAV enlarged its educational programmes by adding to its already existing faculties of Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning, a third faculty, that of Arts and Design. Today the IUAV is the only university in Italy dedicated to a specific area of knowledge: teaching design for all the disciplines concerned with man’s habitat and environment.
The IUAV offers a number of 3-year undergraduate programmes in architecture, building construction, visual arts, theatre, urban and regional planning, and territorial information systems. It offers 2-year graduate programmes in architecture, product design, visual arts, theatre, and city and urban planning. The IUAV is also expanding its post-graduate programmes to include Master, PhD and Specialisation programmes.
The university offers nowadays a wide range of services and research facilities: centres and laboratories to include project archives, relief map-making and regional data processing centre, laboratory for the analysis of ancient materials, research lab for architectural design, and laboratory for constructional engineering. Additionally, it has departments concentrated in developing research activities in the fields of art and industrial design, architectural construction, planning, design, history of architecture, and urban planning.
The laboratories of the arts and Design Faculty develop projects and carry out experiments under the direction of artists, directors, set designers and leading actors of the artistic scene. The work projects of the Urban and Regional Planning Faculty on the other hand are very realistic and introduce students to the understanding and interpreting of the land and the environment encouraging profound practical knowledge in addition to the theory.
The research activities of the IUAV tackle with crucial issues concerning city transformation and regional development and are conducted with the full collaboration of both public and private local institutions.
The IUAV is also founder of the company Isp-Iuav Studi&Progetti, specialising in planning and design services, where faculty staff and graduates work to develop research and projects commissioned by private and public entities.

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