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Research & Development

STAR Science Park

The STAR Science Park, which has been operating since the beginning of 2001, is intended to support research development and spread innovation by encouraging entrepreneurship and creating ties between research and industry.
The Verona Science Park is therefore regarded an innovation service centre which links the industry with the world of research. It promotes “dialogue” between innovation supply and demand through putting together the various interests and directing common efforts towards clear and measurable objectives.
The park’s activities include applied research and precompetitive development projects as well as skills’ analyses and technical consultancy. Additionally, the park offers assistance in obtaining public funding, supports projects of innovation (at regional, national and European level) and provides services related to project management (planning, coordination of operative phases and project financing).
To offer these services the Verona Science Park avails from the competences of R&D centers and of renowned experts that assure a professional approach to projects, great concreteness and attention to the usability of results on behalf of companies.
Use of the Park’s services means adding value to the company’s know-how and reducing R&D costs. Every project developed with the collaboration of the science Park is a unique process in which special attention is paid to the identification of clear and measurable objectives, the composition of the R&D team, the management of the different phases and the capitalization of the obtained results.
In the first phase the Park’s experts carry out a careful evaluation of the techno-scientific problem or of the idea presented. Next, they formulate technical and economic feasibility analyses. Upon verification of the feasibility results, the science Park offers a service of detailed planning that includes all the different phases of the project and an operating plan inclusive of an expenses budget. The operating plan of the project is an essential instrument to control the work completed towards the objective. There are provided periodical coordination meetings and reports on the work advancement. After the project has been concluded, a careful evaluation of the results allows capitalization of the acquired experience and screens possible need for further functional activities on the application of the research results.

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