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Research & Development

Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro

The SSV is entitled, by the Italian law n.46, 1982, to High Qualification in the Applied Research Field. In 1994 it was recognized as a Test Laboratory in compliance with UNI-EN 45000 in 1994. It is, at present, accredited by SINAL in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 n° 0073 for the tests reported in and in "Services" and is a prenotified body in the European Union for the application of the Directive 89/106 on architectural glazing.

SSV has been operating since 1956 in a site in Murano -Venice provided by the Venetian Municipality. It is the only Italian body devoted, by its institutional deed, to dealing with the scientific and technological issues of the whole national glass industry (hollow, flat and technical glass, glass fibres, hand-made glass, raw materials, refractories, furnaces, etc.), and acts as a linkage between research on the one side, which it often develops in cooperation with Universities and other Italian and foreign centers, and industrial application of the obtained results on the other.

New laboratories have been set in 2000 in the premises of Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico, Venice-Marghera.

- The 46 staff (May, 1st, 2005), is made up of graduates and technicians.
- The area of the building where the laboratories, offices and library are located at present, is about 2000 sq.m. In the Marghera area (about 750 sq.m) the test laboratories for architectural glazing are located, as well as the mobile laboratory for environmental investigations.
- Together with other institutes, established in seven other industrial fields, the SSV works under the guidance of the Italian Ministry of Production Activities.
- It is financed partly by compulsory contributions from the Italian glass companies and import traders and partly by the direct sale of its services, and by various contributions.
- The SSV is administered by a Board of Directors, whose majority is formed by delegates from Italian glass companies, appointed by the Ministry of Industry.
- The Board of Directors appoints its President and decides on the activity programs of the Institute.
- The activity carried out at SSV has developed in two main directions: technical assistance and applied research for industrial development.
- A specialised Library is open to the public and a scientifical journal is published. It cooperates with IPGA (GEIE "International Pool of Glass Abstracts") to update the Glassfile data base.
- The equipment available, the staff experience and training, and the mobile laboratories are all designed to grant timely intervention and to supply prompt answers and solutions to the problems submitted by glass factories.

SSV has developed nanotechnology studies in order to deepen the knowledge of the glass industry in topics such as:
- Investigation on the workability of industrial glass using neutron diffusion (SANS), laser light and x-rays (SAXS).
- Control of nanofabrication process of colored glass through the realization of controlled chromatic effects, thanks to the light diffusion of metal colloidal dispersions (dimension 50nm).
- Characterisation of superficial treatment to hot and cold on industrial production containers.
- Characterisation of thin superficial layers of building glass (thin films on glasses, self cleaning glasses, etc.).
- Studies on glass with thin leached and altered layers.

In the area of nanotechnology, SSV also participates in:
- A STREP (Specific Targeted Research Project) under the ambit of the 6th Framework Program, dedicated to self cleaning glasses based on coating of oxide of nanocrystalline titanium. The SSV will coordinate the activities oriented towards the microscopic characterisation of self-cleaning glasses exposed to various environmental conditions.
- A project of the Region of Veneto inserted in DOCUP 2000-2006 and created to define innovative technologies for the realization of polymeric nanocomposites of higher quality through dispersion of mineral powder in plastic material.

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