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Research & Development

University of Verona

In Verona, at the beginning of the 1950s, a group of Catholic intellectuals established the "Ludovico Antonio Muratori" Free High School of Historical Science together with the magazine "Nova Historia" .
It was from this group of scholars that the idea of building a University in Verona was created. The idea took shape in February 1959 when the then Mayor, Prof. Giorgio Zanotto, placed as the order of the day during a session of the Municipal Council "the institution in Verona of a University Faculty of Economics and Commerce".
The Provincial Administration and Chamber of Commerce were in ready agreement. Thus they created the Free Faculty of Economics and Commerce and the Consortium for university studies to manage it. In the summer of 1959 the project began, the location in Palazzo Giuliari was decided, donated by Countess Giuliari Tusini and which is now home to the Chancellor's office. Enrolments began and on 1st November of that year was held, the inauguration ceremony of the new Faculty. In June 1963 was presented the dissertation of the first graduate in the new Faculty of Verona. Shortly after Padua decided to transfer the Medical and Surgical and, Legal sections (known today as Literature and Philosophy) to Verona.
Thanks to the precious support and strict collaboration of the main public and private governmental institutional representatives, both regional and local, and thanks to the support of its expert teachers, Verona University has grown over the years to have the seven faculties it has today: Economics, Law, Arts and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literature, Medicine and Surgery, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, and Education.
Under the encouragement of recent reforms on didactics, Verona University now proposes numerous, innovative degree courses to offer students a wide and specific range of study choices, in time with change, but always careful to maintain the quality of teaching.
In 1998 was created the Scientific and Technologic Department of the University of Verona with the purpose of encouraging and promoting research in the scientific sectors providing students and researchers with instruments and funds and fostering development and use of scientific methods in order to acquire basic and advanced knowledge for the improvement of products and production techniques. Finally, the Department is responsible for the links and the collaboration with the most advanced national and international research centres in the areas of interest.

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