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19 novembre 2012

Midterm results of the Central Europe Project NANOFORCE

„Nanotechnology for Chemical Enterprises – how to link scientific knowledge to the business in the Central Europe”

19st November 2012
Prague, Czech Republic

NANOFORCE is developing the network within 8 geographic areas (5 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia; and 3 European regions: Bavaria, Lombardy and Veneto) to better integrate sciences, industries, venture capital, management and institutions towards new nanomaterials and new Microsystems for the sustainable benefits of the present and future generations.

The 8 areas represent a GDP of more than € 3,000 bn and more than 150 million inhabitants, with more than 120,000 manufacturing companies operating in their territories. At national level, there are more than 200 universities and research centres. Overall, in the 8 regions of NANOFORCE partners there are more than 140,000 researchers which are engaged in the frontiers of the knowledge.

NANOFORCE is creating a common platform within 20 scientific & industrial parks and incubators, a new tool named “NanoDeals Generator” to support the creation of academic spin offs and industrial start ups, enlarging the availability of financial resources offered by more than 20 seed & early stage venture capital funds already active in the 8 Areas.

Through a proactive web (see entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, managers, their deals, offer their experiences, looking for young talents, search for public & private Partnerships (2 R&D projects: on Smart solutions for controlling the transport of dangerous goods; on How to recover rare earths from wastes of electronic and electric equipments are under evaluation).

Of course, responsible management of nanomaterials, such as any kind of new chemicals to be commercialized in the European Union, shall follow strictly controlled legislative procedures, people at work and consumers need to be kept informed on the risks. However the risks are linked to specific benefits for increasing health, the improvement of low carbon solutions and products for increasing socio-economic wealth.
At present NANOFORCE is developing 3 exposure scenarios for 3 nanomaterials: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and nanosilver.


A systematic flow of information and data is available through the web; moreover, 5 workshops are planned between November 2012 an April 2013; a first Webinar reserved to selected officers will be organized in November 2012; 2nd workshops with the financial community to present the business plan on the launch of I.N.V.C.F. – Interregional Nano Venture Capital Fund in Central Europe will be in Vienna (March 2013) and in Prague (June 2013).


The Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic
Mr. Ivo StanĨek
Communication Manager NANOFORCE
Tel.: 266 793 575
Fax: 266 793 578

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